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Roskilde 2012

Roskilde Festival 2012 was fucking awesome. My best year at Roskilde so far. I met new great (vegan) friends and some of them actually live near by. And I met awesome carnivores being curious about the animal rights movement and I had a moment with a farmer. When he left from our stand at the festival he said: “Your arguments are quite good. And you alone have changed my views on vegans and I found out that none of my prejudges were true”. Oh man, so much love. So many gorgeous looking people. Dreadlocks are in - and people look fab! The music was awesome. I fel in love with guerilla gardening which is a great concept. My best concerts were Apparatjik, Bj√∂rk, Sam Amidon, M83, Mew, Gentlemen & the Revolution, The Barons of Tang, Klumen & Raske Penge, The Beardy Smurfs and I must admit Bon Iver did surprise me a lot. He put on a really great show. His voice is a bit too much sometimes but Emma Forever Alone is still a great album though (the only one I own).

But the best thing was def hanging out with the friends I already have, having a great time, going to the cinema, getting a bit drunk and drinking soy latte.. <3

I brought lots of awesome hippie clothes! Pictures later!


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