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atticxcabinet said: Sorry is that was vague. The relationship you are looking for is similar to what I like to have, but living it out can prove difficult not because its possible, but because people will constantly misunderstand you and take advantage of you, so please stay strong and always do what makes you happy.

I will. Thanks for your kind words!

atticxcabinet said: Welcome to the poly club! I've had a polyamorous mindset my whole life and something I've found is theory and real life rarely march up. The point is to have the love each of us wants/needs to be happy, but every person struggles with sexist and oppressive ideals and those who write about polyamory are either struggling to destroy those cultural bonds or enable them. I hope you find the love you are looking for. :)

Thank you, but I don’t think it would be right to describe me as a part of the poly club just yet. It is still new to me and more in my head than something I practice… I mean.. I cannot even get one person to date me. Haha. 
I must admit that I my whole life have had a monogamous mindset and I know see and feel how this has been a disadvantage for me. Many my earlier current problems are caused by monogamy! Jealousy, betrayal, divorce, heartache etc. 

I hope I find that too, thank you.

Polyamory and slut shaming

The last couple of weeks I have been very inspired by the thought of open relationships and polyamory. I love to discover the tag here on tumblr but I think it’s a shame that often, and this is also the case for other websites, the polyamorous people make the statement that polyamory is not a free pass to be sleeping around. They have this attitude that if you are polyamorous you should only be having sex with a few amount of people and preferably the people you are having a romantic connection to. I agree that polyamory should never be an excuse for cheating on your partner(s), but what if you want that kind of open relationship where you have perhaps a primary partner and let’s say 2-3 secondary partners and still like to be sleeping around and having one night stands once in a while? That should definitely be up to oneself and ones partners if that is how they want to practice polyamory. This should not be considered as bad morals or unethical. Sex is good and sex is awesome. Some people prefer to only having sex with romantic relations, others don’t need the link between love and sex. Both ways of practicing sex are absolutely fine! I get why the polyamorous people are doing this though. I guess they are tired off being accused of being polyamorous because they just want a free pass to be sleeping around themselves and are using the statement as a defense mechanism. It must be sooooo annoying when all you personally want out of open relations is to have more romantic and serious connections and relationships and then ignorant people think you are doing it for your own egoistic purposes to get more sex. But when you think about it, we should really end the conception of that being sleeping around is shameful, disgusting and immoral. Please end slut shaming right now

"For which f are you drinking to? Fuck, forget, or fun?"

- 10 Word Story (via cutie3point1415)

"The greatest gift you can give someone is the space to be his or herself, without the threat of you leaving."

- Kai, Lessons in Life #39 (via psych-facts)


One of the perks of being bi/poly is that I can admire attractive girls with my boyfriend

I want that :3

  • me: *sees an attractive looking woman and wonders if she's gay*
  • woman: *turns out to have a boyfriend who is also kind of attractive*
  • me: *wonders if they're poly*
Why do I want polyamorous representation?


  • Because when someone doesn’t want to date me because I’m poly it’s ‘understandable’ but when I don’t want to date someone because they are monogamous it’s ‘ridiculous.’
  • Because all relationship advice tells you that if you have feelings for someone else while you’re in a relationship you’re…




Anima kortspil med dyr. Vi er tosset med dyr!

Anima kortspil med dyr. Vi er tosset med dyr!

A year ago I could never imagine being as happy as I am today.

"Anytime you’re gonna grow, you’re gonna lose something. You’re losing what you’re hanging onto to keep safe. You’re losing habits that you’re comfortable with, you’re losing familiarity."

- James Hillman (via wordsnquotes)